Welcome to my Blog!

I am S a r a h, the Missionartist.

Me, the Missionary

I’m a missionary currently studying in a seminary called the International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL).

I used to work with an organization called Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ (PCCC). Although I am not officially with PCCC anymore, I am still involved in youth ministry. I deal with the challenge to see and lead students to a deep and well-grounded, stable relationship with Jesus Christ in the hope that they will also use their lives and influence to invite and lead others to do the same.

I do this because:

1) I believe that the Great Commission was given to every Christian, and so every Christian must take up the responsibility of being Missionaries.

2) I believe the issues (intellectual, emotional, etc.) confronting young people are very real and therefore need to be addressed.

3) I am a product of campus ministry.

Me, the Artist

I’ve done some stuff, like when we taught a bunch of kids how to make short films for pre-evangelism.

I sing.

I write. I was recently part of a book project! Sadly, our book “God of the Impossible,” is only sold at our school at this moment.

I love productions: stage, broadcast and film. My college degree program allowed me to have experiences in all three: behind the scenes and sometimes, up front. I prefer doing behind the scenes stuff, but with a little bit of pleading and a ton of flattery I could act. Heh.

My crazy big dream is to write and direct a feature-length movie. My other slightly-smaller-and-therefore-more-achievable dream? Collaborate with people and shoot short films.


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      • I pray that you are a blessing to others as you have been to me. I found your blog in a convoluted way!! A “kid” who grew up, an MK, in the RP was decrying the article by Jim Solouki so I googled to see who Jim was, saw your post, so here I am. Your attitude is much prefered to the one of my aquaintance. I imagine you are serving with CC, now known by another name, and wondering where you are serving. Any chance you might know M J Barker. She was w/ CC in Africa, but now teaches in the RP. May God bless your dream of being a film producer.

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