The Jewels I am Meant to Wear

jewelry box

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I am a ballerina in a Jewel Box.

I am a ballerina in a Jewel Box, a Jewel Box filled with clutter, trinkets from years gone by, plastic ornaments that look pretty but ultimately lack real value, glass accessories that sparkle but are actually fake.

I have accumulated a lot of sparkly things in the course of my life, some genuine, but mostly faux. I’ve kept these things around me, in the Box that is my life, and held them close.

I have collected quite a few of these faux  jewels – unnecessary commitments, some high-maintenance relationships, pursuits I didn’t really have the heart for, dreams I thought were mine but were actually imposed on me, loves that I thought should be mine…

In themselves, they might be good. They are good, but not the best for me.

So God took away some of them by bringing drastic changes in my life. It hurt, oh how it hurt, to let go of these things I have held on for so long.

I was crouching in a corner, clutching these, yelling and putting up a fight, and God lovingly, but firmly pried my fingers off. He took away one thing at a time. Oh, how it hurt.

He took away these pretty gems, and for a long time I crouched in the corner.

But my tears finally abated, and my sobbing finally ceased, and I saw… and then I saw the most wondrous thing inside the Jewel Box that is my life: space.

Now, with some of these things forcibly taken from me, I have space. For the first time in a long time, I finally had space to breathe, to think, to sing, to dance!

And I looked around the Box, and saw what jewels were left, and what jewels God placed –  commitments to hold on to, relationships worth strengthening and fighting for, pursuits that resonate from my heart, and dreams that ignite my passions.

I see now how God took away all the other gems from my Jewelry Box to show me that there are certain gems I am meant to wear. There are certain gems I am called to wear. There are certain relationships I am meant to build. There are certain dreams I am meant to pursue. There is a love that would be especially mine.

Other people may look better with the gems I desperately clung to… but I have my own set of Jewels God specifically shaped and prepared for me.

And you, dear reader, you have your own Jewels you are meant to wear.


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  1. That’s How we define the word “Surrender” and “Lordship” based on your Illustration. Commendable!

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