I miss Campus Field Time


I didn’t realize how important Field Ministry is for me… not until my Field Time was reduced to just two afternoons a week.

After the Digital Day of Outreach and all the hustle and hassle it brought, everything right now has winded down back to normalcy, and unfortunately, boredom.


Because last year was exhausting and expensive (compared to my lifestyle now), but was also full of life and laughter and all the unpredictable happenings of campus field ministry. I immensely enjoyed talking with UP students, connecting, playing Dutch Blitz or Monopoly Deal (so much so that our senior staffs talked to us about how inappropriate it was to play that much Monopoly Deal at the tambayan. Oh well.).

1781338_10203488246665538_1666906260_o - Copy

ADG with Danielle. I love this girl.


Some of our disciples playing Monopoly Deal at the Tambayan. Is that a guilty look on Jeff’s face? 🙂

I especially loved talking to students whose worldviews are worlds apart from mine, and I loved getting to share my own perspectives about life and faith and whatever else. And when these conversations actually led the person to re-think his or her own worldviews, I was a happy person.

Probably best of all, I loved finding the girls who would eventually become my disciples (such a weighty word! It gives me chills just thinking about it). I loved getting to know each of them, getting to be part of their lives, getting to pray for them. Some of my most treasured moments were when each of these girls opened up and allowed me into deeper levels of relationship with them.

I enjoyed the challenge of motivating these girls to share their faith, and casting the vision (over and over and over) of helping fulfill the Great Commission! Then there was the burst of wonder and amazement and awe when they finally told me, “Yes ate, I agree with you. I will share my faith”, and actually going with me in Witnessing Blitzes!

I loved the messiness and complications of the relationships I created and built in Field Ministry.

And now… I’m at an office. Facing a computer.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate my job now. 

Being in Operations certainly has it perks and funsies, like I wrote here.

But in the two weeks I’ve been here, I’ve arrived at the inevitable conclusion that working with Operations (Ops) is a calling.

Sitting at a desk and getting things done so the rest of the organization could function, the rest of the Field Missionaries could actually “report to the Field” is not a joke. I have nothing but respect and admiration for my Ops teammates who really, actually love what they do.

I’m not sure if the rest of Philippine CCC fully understands nor appreciates what Ops does. The Finance Team, for instance. Few know that ate Nancy willingly cuts her lunch break short to arrive at the office before 1pm. “Kasi may magtu-turn in na,” she says.

Or how kuya Jojo, the Finance Manager, stayed at the Dorm for an entire week just so he could study the finance systems.

Or how incredible and immense kuya Jess’ patience is, being the lone IT person.

I’ve also arrived at the conclusion that, while I appreciate my teammates, and while I see the value of our work, I think I’m getting certain that this kind of job is not something I can do forever.

Still, I am here. I do want to make the best of my time. I do want to honor God with what I do. I do want to always operate with joy. Pray for me?

How about you? Have you ever been stuck doing something you don’t really hate, but don’t actually love either?


What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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