I feel powerful in Ops (and other thoughts about my new team)


194476This Thursday I finally started my new assignment — with the Operations, specifically in the Media / IT Team, or Digital Strategy Team, as we prefer to call it. 

And so, the first two days of my life with Ops has come and gone.

My first two days, and I’ve been so used. I mean that in a good way. See, we’re working on a project, and it’s been really busy. Although, they say it’s only this busy during projects or events; the rest of the time, the team just chills.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve been writing like crazy. It is an exaggeration, of course, to say that I have never written so much in my life. Though I have been writing in such speed as I have never done before, except maybe when I’m tasked to take down minutes of a meeting, which doesn’t count.

And because I’ve been on a writing frenzy, I have lots of material to prove that my grammar and syntax suck. I should really get myself a copy of The Elements of Style and all my other grammar books and brush up. So embarassing. (Look at that, even with that idea in mind I still write in fragments.)

This project we’re working on, the Digital Day of Outreach, gives me a certain feel, the kind of feel I have whenever I work on productions, which simply gives me a thrill. I don’t know why, but there is something about working on a production that makes me feel alive. I might talk about that some other time.

I guess now that I’m in the Digital Strategy / Media Team, I can officially call myself a Media Missionary. Huh.

But the access to most of our organization’s social media – I suddenly feel powerful! Mwahahahaha. Oh, but I do! I still have tons to learn, but I kinda feel like one of those mutants in X-Men who’ve suddenly discovered their powers for the first time and are still learning to control it, or like Harry Potter when he first learned he was magical.

Oh yeah, I like my new team. My tech supervisor is cool, my new “big boss” (team leader) is amazing, my teammates are awesome, and like I said before, I like the “yuppie” feel from my peers in Ops.


What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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