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I need more non-Christian friends on Facebook (and other thoughts about the Digital Day of Outreach)


We had our Digital Day of Outreach last Tuesday… and I’m still trying to take it all in. 10505555_704033839664553_7561683648455893440_n

What. Just. Happened?!

Over A THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED exposures to the gospel and spiritual conversations? What?! Where did that come from? How did that happen?!

GOD, of course. Amazing, amazing. As one of the people who planned and oversaw the event, it was amazing to see this come into fruition. Because truth be told, I was not expecting that.

I was not expecting everyone to be so game.  Because we were trying to anticipate tech difficulties, especially in setting up the WatchThinkChat platform*, we were worried that people, especially the not-so-techie people, would be overwhelmed or get discouraged. But everyone was so game! Oh, they were!

The students, predictably, easily got the instructions and were able to immediately use WatchThinkChat for their conversations. The older people, despite some challenges, were so teachable and patient in learning how.

And what about the other 5 teams in the regions who also did DDO simultaneously with us?

It made me realize: We have a gold mine of human resources, a vast pool of laborers just waiting to be mobilized.

I need more non-Christian friends on Facebook. I’m picky when it comes to Facebook friends. I reason, “It’s my privacy at stake here! I need to protect myself! We don’t talk anyway!” And all that jazz. Still, that reasoning falls flat when I realize the time, influence, resource and platform I waste when I don’t consider Facebook as a mission field. That goes for all the other social media.

I am not really that intentional in sharing the Gospel online, one on one. Not yet. Sure, I blog. I write. I use online resources. But I haven’t developed the habit yet. I have yet to develop that mindset. When I go on Facebook, I don’t instantly think — “Hmm, who is online at this moment? To whom can I share the gospel?”


Prudy Verzo from YouVersion the Bible App, Jeff Lucas from YesHeIs Philippines, Mike Medlin and Lyn Balasico from UCB Media Philippines

How cool was it that people from YouVersion the Bible App, UCB Media Philippines and YesHeIs Philippines showed up? I don’t even have any words for that, except: AWESOME. It is so encouraging to talk to like-hearted people with a Kingdom mindset. Already we are talking about partnerships!

“How did you get wind of our DDO,” I asked them.

It was Jeff Lucas who saw the link (a friend showed it to him, actually). Then his boss required him to attend. He in turn invited Mike, Lyn, and Prudy.

Also, it was so funny how they all but pounced one me when they found out that I’m a writer. Apparently, in this kind of ministry (maybe just in the Philippines), there is a deficit of writers or content-creators.

Makes me wonder — what would it take to raise up a pool of content creators for the digital ministry?

What do you think about Digital Outreach?

Did you join our Digital Day of Outreach? How was your experience compared to mine?





*WatchThinkChat is a platform for online evangelism. Ask me about it! Send me a PM or email at


I feel powerful in Ops (and other thoughts about my new team)


194476This Thursday I finally started my new assignment — with the Operations, specifically in the Media / IT Team, or Digital Strategy Team, as we prefer to call it. 

And so, the first two days of my life with Ops has come and gone.

My first two days, and I’ve been so used. I mean that in a good way. See, we’re working on a project, and it’s been really busy. Although, they say it’s only this busy during projects or events; the rest of the time, the team just chills.

So what have I been doing?

I’ve been writing like crazy. It is an exaggeration, of course, to say that I have never written so much in my life. Though I have been writing in such speed as I have never done before, except maybe when I’m tasked to take down minutes of a meeting, which doesn’t count.

And because I’ve been on a writing frenzy, I have lots of material to prove that my grammar and syntax suck. I should really get myself a copy of The Elements of Style and all my other grammar books and brush up. So embarassing. (Look at that, even with that idea in mind I still write in fragments.)

This project we’re working on, the Digital Day of Outreach, gives me a certain feel, the kind of feel I have whenever I work on productions, which simply gives me a thrill. I don’t know why, but there is something about working on a production that makes me feel alive. I might talk about that some other time.

I guess now that I’m in the Digital Strategy / Media Team, I can officially call myself a Media Missionary. Huh.

But the access to most of our organization’s social media – I suddenly feel powerful! Mwahahahaha. Oh, but I do! I still have tons to learn, but I kinda feel like one of those mutants in X-Men who’ve suddenly discovered their powers for the first time and are still learning to control it, or like Harry Potter when he first learned he was magical.

Oh yeah, I like my new team. My tech supervisor is cool, my new “big boss” (team leader) is amazing, my teammates are awesome, and like I said before, I like the “yuppie” feel from my peers in Ops.

Tunnels: Savoring the Bitterness without Turning Bitter


“Some tend to forget, some tend to dwell. Me? I will do neither”

-from the short film “The Places We Should Have Gone” by Wong Fu Productions


I have been praying, for the last several months, that God take away the pain. It is so inconvenient, and I am afraid that it might turn me into a selfish, bitter, (word that rhymes with witch). If I have any fear, it is that this experience will turn me into a nasty waif.

I have prayed so hard for God to take away the pain, to not make my heart involuntarily twitch every time I see, or hear, or remember about the Painful, Awful Happening, if only for the reasons that I want to do my job more effectively, and be able to rejoice with my friends.

I have prayed for this Tunnel to end.

But the Tunnel is still long, and the darkness is still thick. At times I think I see a pinprick of light in the distance… then I wonder if it is nothing but a trick my mind plays on me.

Four months since the Painful, Awful Happening, and only now am I beginning to understand and accept that this pain is here to stay, like an unpleasant cloak I must wear, like some terrible-tasting medicine I must take — to make me better, to hone my character, to remind me to keep trusting Him.

Now that I’ve accepted this, my prayers now have changed from “Lord, take this away” to “Lord, help me still love with this” and “Lord, let me not be bitter”.

I doubt if anyone starts out dreaming of becoming Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge never dreamt of being the old, mean, thing that he was.

It is in the tiny decisions you make along this dark, painful journey that’ll turn you into one though. And it will require tough concentration and consciousness to NOT give in to the temptation of becoming bitter.

Still, His grace is sufficient.



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“Never doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light.” ~ Edith Edman

Four months ago, something happened to me.light_at_the_end_of_the_tunnel_by_dragonwolface-d5xlooi

It was a very painful something — in a nutshell: I poured my life and my heart expecting something. People encouraged me, urged me on, coaxed me. There seemed to be affirmation on every side, and from God’s word.. I believed I heard God right. 

Then it all fell flat.

As a result, my life right now is a tunnel. A dark tunnel of lingering and fleeing possibilities, massive hopes and dreams, but a dark tunnel nonetheless. The weight of the darkness and uncertainty presses all around me, and I struggle. Oh, how I struggle.

To be really, really honest. I want to disappear. I wish to leave. I wish to be elsewhere – out and free, to bask in the sunlight and breathe fresh air. To take flight! To have a renewed sense of purpose. Surrounded by such heavy darkness of possibilities and unrealized dreams, the temptation to succumb to despondency grows ever more frequently.

Only knowing that sunlight and freedom and purpose are at the other end of the tunnel keeps me fighting and hoping. Tunnels, no matter how dark they may seem, are finite, aren’t they?

Now I am in one. Still, could this darkness have been given for me to have a better appreciation of the sunlight?

A time will come when all this will be a memory, that I have no doubt of. I will look back on this, and my heart… my heart will quicken as it remembers the pain it had to endure, the ways it had to stretch and carry so much beyond its point.

Then I will smile, because all that pain notwithstanding, my heart had grown purer, stronger and larger. After all these testings, I know that my heart will become purer, because it will be able to look beyond its own pain and into the pain of the rest of the world.

It will be stronger, tougher, and less susceptible to break from the stings and agonies the world may bring.

It will be larger, large enough to carry burdens more worthy to be carried. His burdens.