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God loves the Philippines.


[This is a response to Jim Solouki’s post God is punishing the Philippines].


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There are so many ways to respond to this blog post.

I may respond in rage, and anger, just as many have, as evidenced by the comments in the comments section. And if I do, I know many will feel it is justified and valid.

Still, let me say that what I feel most is not anger, nor rage, but hurt and disappointment.

Hurt at the apparent callousness of the writer.

Our kababayans ravaged by Yolanda are suffering greatly. I live in Quezon City – an area mercifully spared by the storm – and I cannot even begin to imagine the horrors my fellow Filipinos are experiencing out there. I see the photos, I hear the news, and I read the FB status updates of my friends and fellow CCC staffs assigned there. To say that it is depressing is an understatement.

My people are suffering. They have lost families, relatives, they are hungry, they are cold, they are hurt, they are angry, they are desperate… how do you think a people like that will respond to “…God will make an example out of you”?

At this point let me say that I am a Christian. I believe that God is holy, and that his holiness is paramount. God is holy, and therefore he hates sin. Yes, I believe He will punish the wicked.

Yes, based on the writer’s profile and from things he’s written I think I identify with the same basic beliefs.

Which is why I am disappointed.

Because if the writer is a “true Christian”, as he claims to be, then he must know, should understand, that such circumstances are immense opportunities to be channels of blessing and love to these “wicked people” (as he calls them, but are we not all?), so that they could be introduced to the Living God, and thereby save them from the wrath of God which is at hand.

Jesus never shied from expressing wrath to sinners.

But Jesus also spoke gentle, comforting words to the hurting.

I believe God is holy, and thus hates sin, and I also believe that God has a redemptive plan and purpose for the human race – which shows how much He is loving.

Which brings to question the writer’s motives.

I cannot help but wonder, what are his motives? Why did you write that (yes sir, if you are reading this, I am addressing you)?

Is it born out of a love and passion for God’s holiness? Is it out of love and concern for the rest of the lost world?

If the answers are no, as a sister in Christ, then pray, repent.

If the answers are yes, as a sister in Christ, I commend your heart. But there are better, more loving ways to express it, especially at times like these.