Prostitution is real. Evil is real. Jesus is relevant.


“What?! They exist here?”

I was talking to a friend last night, and I brought up how I am looking forward to assisting / going with a fellow missionary in her field work.

My awesome fellow missionary (who, of all people, has the same name as I!) is doing her research for her Master’s degree, and her case study is on child prostitution in Quezon Avenue and Timog Area. Quezon Avenue, you guys! Timog area! That’s like, practically my backyard! *Shivers*

Which is why, when I told my friend about these child prostitutes, his expressed with incredulity, “What?! They exist here?”

Disgust, horror, pity and incredulity churn themselves in me , but I tamp them down.

As horrified as I am, I am not surprised.

Why am I not surprised? Because I know that evil exists. Evil is real. These forces, these powers of darkness, these principalities that have caused ravaging wars inside and outside the person are real. It is these same powers that causes people, humans, men and women to cause, condone, and tolerate such seemingly unimaginable crimes. Apparently, to the depraved human soul, there is no such thing as unimaginable.

As long as evil exists, children will be raped, children will be abused, children will be forced into prostitution. As long as evil exists, there will be wars, and crimes, and Napoles-like corrupt and greedy officials, suckers of the life held onto so dearly by the people.

(okay, I got carried away).

And that is why the message of Jesus is so relevant today!

Because we have no hope of vanquishing the evil outside and inside of us apart from He who surrendered to evil, and emerged victorious.  It is this Christian message of depravity, and hope, and victory that can free us from darkness.

It is this message we as Christians are called to bear, and to live.


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  1. Thank you for speaking out about this in your blog, and your future work with this on the field! We will def. be praying for both of you as you embark on this mission field. Thank you for your burden!

    -Tasha, The Bridge Chicago

    P.S. I don’t think you got carried away ; )

  2. ahhh! now i am excited more than ever to write my thesis. the past semesters, i thought i have no one to talk with that would understand (or would have the same sentiment) the field i am currently studying. but now, here you are interested with what i am doing 🙂 praise the Lord!

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