Our ceiling crashed and our landowners found Jesus.


Yesterday we had dinner with our land owners.

REALLY fun and swell time — Mr. Landowner is such a funny guy, and Mrs. Landowner is so cool. The best part was when they were recounting story after story of how they have been experiencing God the last month.

I rejoice with them. I rejoice that for four consecutive Sundays, our awesome landowners have been going to church with us (and even when we weren’t there). I am happy that they are motivated to know God more because of a recognized longing and emptiness in their own hearts. I am glad that every little thing, every recent event in their lives are being interpreted and viewed through the lens of Christianity.

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Landowner came dropped by again tonight (we had some minor electrical glitch and she brought the electrician) and she shared, yet again, how a long-lost relative got in touch with her. She said she was so excited that she blurted on the phone, “We have to talk! I need to tell you something. I found Jesus!”

SO REFRESHING to see new believers.

And, would you believe it all happened because our ceiling crashed?

Because, as Ate Jenny (my housemate) put it, our landowners would not have visited if the ceiling didn’t crash. That day, Mrs. Landowner came over to supervise the ceiling repairs.

When she came, she saw ate Jenny reading some book.

Recognizing it to be some kind of Christian book, Mrs. Landowner asked about ate Jenny’s faith.

The result: a very good spiritual conversation.

Which ended with ate Jenny extending them an invitation to go to church with us.

Which Mrs. Landowner accepted.

And like I said earlier, they’ve been attending for a month now. Yesterday, Mr. Landowner expressed that he was beginning to think of joining a discipleship group in church.

God’s got some humor. The joke was one us. 🙂



Hey, wanna pray with us?

Pray that our Landowners continue to see and experience God ever more deeply. Pray for our missionary household, that we never forget to be ambassadors not just to our Landowners, but to people around us.


What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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