First time doing CE, and not the last time!


[Guest Post! I praise God for how our disciples are taking steps of faith to trust God in details of their lives. This is my disciple Angela’s account of her first time to share her testimony in a Classroom Evangelism (CE) setting. Angela Capitly is a 2nd year Communication Research student at the University of the Philippines Diliman.]


It was a Tuesday morning when I accidentally met Ate Sarah in the comfort room… and she asked me to share my testimony in a Classroom Evangelism (CE).

I was surprised. I was really inclined to say no, because I doubt my own effectiveness in witnessing, or speaking in general. I have difficulty expressing my thoughts into words most of the time.

Moreover, compared to other’s testimonies I had already heard, I felt that mine was relatively insignificant. There were Christians who were former drug abusers, alcoholics, prostitutes that have been changed by God… but all I had was how I transformed from being an anxious and shy person to someone opposite. The difference is so huge that their testimonies are comparable to Luzon and mine was to Mindanao.

So I was hesitant, but I still said yes to Ate, remembering how God used Moses and provided the words for him. I figured He’ll do the same for me.

Thankfully, I didn’t have trouble preparing – yesterday I’d just given a speech in my Communication 3 class, and the content was practically my testimony. All I had to do was revise it a bit and voila, I hit two birds with one stone!

2013-09-20 13.22.53When the day of the CE arrived, I was surprisingly peaceful.

But when my awesome discipler Ate Sarah arrived, I I felt the butterflies suddenly fluttering in my stomach. At that time, God’s word suddenly surfaced in my mind that He will help me speak and teach me what to say. I was also thankful for the confidence and encouragement I got from Ate Sarah. We prayed before starting the CE and I had the chance to cast all my anxieties on Him. Somehow, I felt that God was and is really with us.

Then the time had really come for me to stand in front of the class and share my testimony. I really thanked God that the students were all open and friendly. I could see that they were listening to me so it encouraged me more to just keep on talking though I was really really nervous then. My hands were really shaking – and I told the audience so!

The feeling after the CE was unexplainable! I cannot find a word that would describe the happiness and fulfilling experience this CE had given me. I was also very thankful for the constructive criticisms the other members of this CE group had given me. I really appreciated it.

At the end, I realized that my transformation may be relatively small compare to that of other the other Christians I had listened to, but I should not belittle mine for it is still a change that God had done in me. I also hope that I reached the students through my testimony and that I’ll grow more in faith towards God so that I’ll be able to share more on my next CE.

Indeed, I’m expecting a next CE experience, though thinking of it makes me jittery!



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