“Ate, can’t I just witness with my life and not with words?”


Do I find it odd that three disciples I decided to challenge for higher involvement in discipleship ALL expressed to me, in separate occasions, that they feel feel discomfort at the mere idea of witnessing?

No, not really. I actually kind of expected it.

You’d think these girls would think differently, after seeing me model it and having actual experiences in witnessing (praise God, they actually do their homework!).

But yes, there they were, trying to tell me, as nicely as possible how scared they are and how the other Christian orgs in campus now seem more attractive, because they —  well, they don’t give them “Evangelism homework”.

“Ate, can’t I just witness with my life? Why not with words?”

“My friend is feeling the same pressure and discomfort, and is actually thinking of joining <insert other Christian org here>.”

I PRAISE GOD because asking these questions gives me more opportunity to emphasize the importance of obeying God’s Word, more avenues to vision-cast, and more occasion to encourage them to build Biblical convictions by prioritizing their personal time and study of the Word.

So what did I tell them?


Which can be summed up thus (almost in this order):

-The Bible is our authority.

-The Bible says <The Great Commission>. It’s active, not passive.

-You know God has already been speaking to you about this, right? You KNOW the right thing to do. (My girls affirmed this, thankfully)

– Maturity comes when we take faith-steps to obey. Because God is committed to us, He lets us do uncomfortable stuff, like witnessing.

-If “skills” are the issue, I will gladly equip and train you!

-Like I said when you first me, I am committed to helping you grow in your Christian life. As long as you let me, I promise to help you foster this kind of growth by letting you do this uncomfortable stuff.

Well, I told them to think more and really pray about it.

I guess next week is the moment of truth.


What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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