More than the Ideal


We had just finished our Bible Study last Tuesday, and I really wanted to model sharing the gospel to Danielle. So we started walking around Palma Hall searching, searching. All the time we were looking, I was praying that God give us an “ideal” scenario. You know — like, we’d meet someone open to the gospel,then she would pray to receive Christ, and willing to be met again for follow up. 

But, it was not to be. We got more than the ideal scenario I was wishing for.

Here’s the rest of what happened, in Danielle’s words:


It was my first time and I was nervous. I never had the experience of sharing God’s message. I never wanted to do it. I felt unworthy because I didn’t know what to do in such situations. But, with Ate Sarah’s help, I was given a wonderful insight into evangelism.

It was truly an enlightening and inspiring experience that I now always look back to.

We encountered two very different people that day. The first one, Hannah, received us very willingly. We found out that she is a Christian as well, and actually owns a copy of the Four Spiritual Laws booklet! It was an amazing time, because she opened her ears to us, and she was friendly and welcoming.

The next student we encountered, Irene, was interesting. She had lots of questions for Ate Sarah, and through the discussion that ensued, I learned a lot of new things about the Bible. Irene asked a lot about arguments against the Bible, which Ate answered very soundly. It was a great learning experience for me. Ate Sarah did her job well, I felt that Irene might finally be able to open herself to God, and fulfill her desire of knowing Him.

I was able to learn and realize a lot of things that afternoon. 

I realized that not everybody is open to the Gospel yet, and still needs convincing. I was vaguely familiar with apologetics, but saw it in action for the first time that day.

I also realized that imparting the Gospel to others is never an easy task. I think the people who do it are blessed, because they are still on fire despite the circumstances – especially in a school such as UP.

Also, something that made a great impact on me was when Ate said that God’s word will never go in vain; it will work in the best and most wonderful of ways. Its effect on some people may not show now, but it could show later.

I was motivated to study more of the Bible, and share it to others! Through that day, I felt that God has blessed me with the importance of sharing the Gospel, and now, I am inspired to share it to others as well, in whatever way possible.


What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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