We had Nick Vujicic as our Speaker in Church today


…and that meant a lot of people. As in, A LOT.

My friend, ate Arlyn, and I wanted to arrive early so we can get good seats, so we arrived 10 minutes before the service. I was fantasizing about getting front row seats, or at least any seat from the front to the 10th row.

That, I found out the hard way, is possibly the most far-fetched fantasy ever… that is, if you arrive only 10 minutes before the time.

HUNDREDS of people were already in the lobby. I have never seen so many people in a very long time. This crowd? This crowd could be agoraphobia-inducing if there ever was one. Thankfully the ushers were very efficient in guiding the crowd (and dressed so smartly! LOVE their aquamarine blue scarves and ties), and the people very cooperative… they are either Spirit-filled or acting like it.

We finally got inside the worship hall… and found all the Freakin’. Seats. Taken. (Actually, there were lots of free seats but people were “reserving” them — hmp! — but that’s another post for another day.)

It was most disappointing to admit defeat and opt for the next service. Sad.

Well, finally we got in, got to sit in a row about 30 seats from the front in the ground floor, and saw Nick in person.

And I’m happy to report that his message, for me, has the right amount of simplicity and profundity and is strongly rooted in Biblical principles.

Oh, my highlights?

(Other than the ginormous number of people

Corporate Worship. 

There really is something about large crowds of people worshiping together that gets to me. Every. Single. Time.

The image of thousands of people praising God stirs excitement in my heart… excitement of the future, of every tongue and tribe worshiping the King of kings.

This, I guess, is why I stick with CCF despite my hang-ups with mega churches.

Finally finding out how to pronounce Nick’s last name. 

Yes, it was a big mystery. Now, I know.

Do YOU know how to pronounce Nick’s last name? (Come on, ask me. :P)

Were you at CCF today? How’d you find the service?


What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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