From the Unexpected Places


This morning my fellow missionary recounted an amazing experience she had in finding Ministry Partners*.

She had been calling people, trying to set appointments, mostly with little success, when she receives a text out of nowhere.

“I will be supporting you Php.5,000 monthly,” the text said.

Now a text like that would normally have elicited crazy joy and happy dances from someone, especially if, like my friend, she had been experiencing a bit of a slump in her support raising time.

Her reaction? DISBELIEF. Then skepticism.

So she called the texter, and when she finally confirmed the texter’s identity, and found that the person really really wants to be her Ministry Partner, and that 5k monthly really really really is true, she then rejoiced.

The most amazing part is that this new Ministry Partner (MP) is NOT familiar at all with Campus Crusade.


Truth be told, sometimes, in my really, really bad days, I wonder why I subject myself to such anxiety, uncertainty, and frustration. Oh, the Frustration!

And so I take great care to remember stories like these — from other people… and my own.

Like how God provided for me during the lean times.

Like how issues of pride and character were brought to the surface, and dealt with.

Or the miracle of the change that occurred in my heart such that I am actually enjoying this now.

And the opportunities of meeting amazing, awesome people and gaining not just Ministry Partners, but good friends.


Such stories I put in the “easy to access” part of my brain as a reminder that God is the great Provider.

He is not hassled by time.

And His provisions could come in the most unexpected ways and the most unimaginable of sources.



*Ministry Partners support financially and through prayers.

What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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