Dear Fresh Grad, Be a Goer


I think congratulations are in order before anything else.

You made it! I know the feeling. You feel excited, nervous, probably a little apprehensive and fearful too. Still, you can’t deny the fact that you’re finished! After All. Those. YEARS! I’m sure more than one of you are thinking along the lines of “…parang kailan lang…”. Oh, and doesn’t that sablay, or that toga, suddenly look so majestic and… meaningful?

Again, congratulations. I sincerely, truly, with a joyful heart rejoice with you.

I think you know, however, that this blog post is more than a celebratory post. 🙂 I’m here to give you a proposal, dear fresh grad: Volunteer with us!

And since you know I work with CCC, and since you probably know where this is going anyway, let me qualify that a little more: Join us in CCC!


Campus Ministry

Volunteering with us is one of the best avenues to be obedient to the Great Commission. It couldn’t get better than that, could it? As students involved with CCC, we’ve seen how our “ates” and “kuyas” have helped fulfill The GC, and been part of helping students come to know and love God. Most of us have probably even been on the receiving end of this!

You’d have the opportunity to be used by God in seeing spiritual movements, changed lives and helping fulfill the Great Commission.


Going is probably the best thing you can offer NOW. Oh, it’s so tempting to hide behind the “I wanna be a Giver” kind of reason. Of course we want and need Givers – desperately, I assure you – but reality check, kid: you’re a fresh grad. You’re most likely poor. 😀 heh. At least, now.

And there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a Giver later, but right now, the best thing you can offer is your youth and your time.


Being a Goer now will make you a better Giver later. Being in the actual field, experiencing the nitty gritties and challenges of ministry, will give you much, much more understanding and empathy towards missionaries and workers.

Believe me, this will matter IMMENSELY a few or many years down the road when you’re finally in the marketplace and you get (as you will be prone to be) swamped by your many responsibilities.


My own application form back in 2011.

My own application form back in 2011.

The experiences and trainings you get with CCC will make you invaluable wherever you end up in the future. You know it too, right? We have the best trainings. 🙂 More than that, our emphasis on God’s sovereignty, the Lordship of Christ and emphasis on the Holy Spirit, as well as our cutting edge strategies will help you whether you decide to go to full time or work in the marketplace.


The Community. You will also have tons and TONS of opportunities to be exposed to Spirit-filled Christians who love the Lord and are dedicated not only to seeing spiritual movements happen everywhere, but to helping their co-laborers grow in the Lord.

As a volunteer / intern, you will have a natural kinship and affinity with such people. I say this out of personal experience — there is nothing sweeter and more growth-inducing than having fellowship and real accountability with godly, devoted people. Steel sharpens steel.


So, what do you think, dear fresh grad? What’s stopping you?

Or if you’re a missionary yourself, do you agree with me? What did I miss?

For more info on the awesome things we do, visit our website:


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  1. Sarah G., I really do agree. 🙂 Volunteering in CCC is never a waste of time but an invaluable journey with the Lord and His people. Sobrang nagamit ko yung mga experiences ko during my intern months sa work ko sa marketplace and community. Hindi ko ipagpapalit ang mga months na yun. 🙂

  2. Sarah, nice one 🙂 Maybe you can market more…hehehe try to add pa the different areas of ministries natin for them to know, ung like sa yellow folder natin 🙂 but ur blog post was great!

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