Moving Media, Moving People to Christ


How far can you take the gospel? How far are you willing to go?

Last August 19 to 26, seven PCCC staffs came together with an idea and a burning passion: to build spiritual movements with and through media and the arts.

And the Moving Media Film School was born.

We were able to train sixteen students in basic Screenplay / Story writing and basic Cinematography. At the beginning and throughout the start of the film school, emphasis was placed on Biblical principles, and our students were constantly reminded of the end goal — that is to create short films that could be effective in starting spiritual conversations.

Here’s a slideshow of our highlights after the jump:

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As a final requirement for the Film School, the students were to produce and create their own short films… and well, we (the teachers), couldn’t resist creating our own short film too.

In the end, Moving Media Film School was able to commission new film-makers of faith, and produce three short films!

You may watch them here:


Amazing Dream, Amazing Team

For me, this was the first step towards the fulfillment of a dream long-held.

That week was completely exhilarating! Moreover, it was integral to widening my horizons and cementing the vision God had given me since I first started working with Campus Crusade: reaching my country and the world with media and the arts.

I was also privileged to work with some of the most talented, passionate and creative CCC staffs. Getting to know and teaming up with them has been encouraging. I am not alone after all; indeed, far from alone!


It just keeps getting better!

The Moving Media team is committed to helping the students not only in honing their film-making craft, but also to be accountable to the students in maximizing the short films we were able to produce. We do this by maintaining contact with them through our Facebook group.

Just last week, one of the students posted this:

“I shared the short films last thursday to my non-christian friends and opened a spiritual conversation! I believe God touched their hearts… I showed them “Relentless”. Then I told them that we people are so blind because of our sins, yet God still pursues us. He never give up for us to see the truth through HIS LOVE.. and that love is Jesus Christ.”                          – Recelle Saraga

And already new ideas are pouring in this week:

“Why don’t we create short films based on our own salvation stories?… It would also be great if we could meet up again for prayer time and devotions.”                                                                                                                                                                                                -Philip Nigel Mier  

The excitement and enthusiasm of these students are simply contagious and causes me to keep rejoicing!

With the power of the Holy Spirit, blessing from the Father and our image in Jesus Christ, we can move media, and we will be able to create media that would move people towards a relationship with Christ.


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  2. Sarah, please allow me to share some excerpts of your account to share to our corporate ministry partners. Especially Recelle’s testimony. We will feature it in our weekly L.I.F.E. Initiatives 60-second report. 😀

      • Whoops! Sorry, I just read your reply, Sarah. Of course, I’ll include your wordpress link to future posts when it’s directly copied. Mel has been doing this for me when he uses my blogs for I’m encouraged to see the Lord raise more writers for our movement! Sana masdumami pa talaga. So many stories to tell of God’s greatness and goodness!

  3. No problem teh. 🙂
    I think it’s just standard now for all writers / bloggers to want the link to their blog/website credited as well, automatically.
    It serves and builds platform kasi. 😀 Anyways, I’m glad to have been able to contribute to your report!

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