Support Serendipity


It’s a pet peeve I have as a missionary with Campus Crusade, but I, too, enjoy doing it.

It is the bane of my existence, and also the best and sun-kissed of my blessings.

I hate it, and I love it.

What is? Raising support.

It’s not about the money, money, money…
Oh, who am I kidding? To some extent, it IS about the money.

DON”T get me wrong.

Like I said, I enjoy doing it (most of the time) and I’m okay with it. It’s a prerequisite to joining staff: you must wholeheartedly agree to it and be mentally prepared to do it.

Really, when I joined staff, I was prepared, or so I thought. I had all kinds of expectations and I won’t deny it — the first several months were torture.

And yet…

I’ve also had my most memorable and humbling moments doing it, and the amazing people I have met as a result of raising support have blown me over and over and over again.

But, let’s not kid ourselves. There are bad days: days when everything seems disappearing faster than the next paycheck… and right in the busiest and most crucial time of the ministry year! There are days when I’m rendered helpless, completely helpless. Days when I wonder what in the world will happen next, all the while cursing myself for my utter lack of belief in God’s faithfulness.

Then again, these days, these seasons, could easily be attributed to seasons of disciplining and/or who knows what season God intends for you — and again, of course, that is most likely the case.

But I’ve discovered something.

When these things happen, when these “seasons” befall me, I become expectant. Because as every avid movie-watcher and novel-reader knows, the best things always happen when all seems impossibly lost.

It’s an undeniable concept: after the worst of things, only something good could follow, a rainbow follows the rain, the night is darkest before the dawn, and only the sun could possibly follow…

…as if serendipity is programmed to follow after the most humbling of situations.

Granted, of course, that you’ve learned your lesson.

Yes, it happened to me. Again.

And I am utterly humbled.


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