Monthly Archives: August 2012

He can still work through pitifully imperfect people like me.


I just woke up from a 10-hour sleep since arriving home at 4am this morning. Seven-hour bus ride in rickety buses is never fun (and I never really can sleep in those things!)

We had our Prayer time with the students and Key Volunteers’ Meeting, and I think we pulled them off successfully, if I might say so myself. ¬†We met some really encouraging people — encouraging because of how they continue to persevere in the movement despite the odds.

Like Kent, the student leader form Ifugao State University, who really researches and studies the Cru Press resources and basically single-handedly started the camps movement.

And of course there’s Stephen, who made an interesting remark that day. We were discussing the wealth of resources and materials we have online, and he suddenly said, “Ang ganda talaga ng Cru Press. Andun lahat [nang impormasyon]. [Sapat na nga yun], kahit wala nang staff.” (“Cru Press is great! All the information is there. We don’t even need staffs anymore”)


That kind of mindset makes me feel a bit not needed, but isn’t that what Catalytic is about? Isn’t the goal of the Catalytic ministry to start movements that students really own and run almost by themselves?

All praise to God, of course.

Something else, however, is troubling me as of the moment.

From listening to kuya Alex’s, my Team Leader, stories yesterday (and reading Bruce Wilkinson’s “7 Laws of the Learner”), it has just occurred to me that my Bible Study groups back in college didn’t seem to bear much fruit.

Really, who among them do I even keep in contact with anymore? Whose lives were really changed?

I have had lots of pitfalls it’s amazing I was called to continue doing the same thing I seem to have failed at in college.

Or maybe that’s the reason I was allowed to continue doing this — to somehow make amends for my poor excuse of “discipleship”.

Not that my college experiences were for naught. Perhaps I am prematurely judging. And yes, I still believe and hold on to the hope that somehow, God would cause something beautiful to come out of it.

Oh, Lord, I want to see great and mighty things happen in my campus assignments.

Wow. Even as I typed that last statement, I had to pause for a moment there to do a quick heart check — why do I really want to see great things happen in my campus assignments?

So I can have something “to show”? God knows how much I’ve struggled over having something to show for all my work. And I won’t deny not wanting to achieve something.

Right now, however, it is my heart’s cry to see amazing, never before seen things happen in my campuses more so I could prove to myself that God can still work through pitifully imperfect people like me than any other reason.