Claiming my Promised Campuses


Just as the Israelites faced the prospects of claiming the Promised Land, so do I feel that I am getting ready to face my own Promised Land.

Just as Moses, with unwavering faith and devotion trusted God that the Promised Land would be theirs, so do I try my best to trust that God would open spiritual movements in my campus assignments.

It has been more than a week since I’ve started contacting people from my assigned campuses.

The responses have been great so far:

…three turned out to be already involved in a Christian organization

…one, who had initially committed to be a student leader or KV, suddenly backed out

…two didn’t show up in our appointment

…and at least two said they’ll “think and pray about it”

Anyway, lest you think that I am being overly pessimistic, the truth is, I am not worried. Well, not yet anyway.

Didn’t the Israelites spend way more time outside the Promised Land?

Surely I can wait before the opportune time when I can finally “claim my Promised Campuses”.




What do you think of all this? Let the Missionartist know!

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