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Journey has Begun


I am here. In Medan, Indonesia. I am here.


It has barely sunk in. The whole day was a haze, starting with two consecutive flights in the wee hours of the morning, arriving in Medan sleepless, and yet acutely aware of the fact that this soil is different soil, this air (though almost as polluted as Manila air, no offense) is different air, these people are different people, and our journey to reach them has begun.


I smile when I remember my own journey towards preparing for Hybrid…


…the chagrin when, in the process of applying for my first passport, I found out that some of my papers had problems…


…the agony of waiting, and waiting and waiting without certainty whether my papers will be

fixed in time for summer Hybrid


…fervently seeking God’s will if He will allow me to join Hybrid


… the gratefulness when the assurance came


…the doubts starting to creep in the moments of  waiting


…the relief when I finally got my passport barely just in time for Hybrid May schedule


…the challenge of raising for Hybrid simultaneously with DMPD


…the awe as I saw God provide through people


…fighting the temptation to panic when Hybrid support wasn’t enough as the deadline approached


…and the rebuke when, hours before we reached Medan, waiting at the Kuala Lumpur airport, I received a notification from a Ministry Partner of a gift they are sending for this mission trip, effectively completing my support.


The God of the universe has been, ever since, teaching me to trust in Him. By His strength and grace, I will continue to do that.


Tribute: Like life-sustaining rain, like life-giving heart.


[This is a tribute to you, my dear brother.

And though I intend this to be as flowery/touching/heartfelt as a eulogy (but still honest!), I am by no means pre-empting your passing away. Not at all! See, I am under the impression that compliments are better shared than kept. And what better time to dole out compliments than on your birthday! :D]


Remember that sky lantern night during the Staff Conference?

I told you how I watched you help light up every other’s sky lantern. And I told you how I found that so poignant, so stirring – of that image of you helping others light their respective sky lanterns could very well parallel the image of you helping others let their dreams take flight.

But the reason why I found it so moving was because that night, I was so distressed (perhaps too much) about the fact that we couldn’t light our own lantern. It was distressing because our failed sky lantern seemed symbolic of my own dreams not flying. A bit petty, perhaps, but I was depressed watching other sky lanterns soar while ours burned to the ground.

And then there you were, busy with others’ lanterns, unselfishly helping – a very stark contrast to my own self-centered dilemma.

That, brother, was one of the most rebuking to me in the entire conference. That picture of you helping, sharing, encouraging, reaching.

I don’t know if you know it, but you exude such a quiet, calm strength and confidence that is both comforting and challenging.

And of course, your humor is always epic.

Keep on, and be strong!

May you be like your name.

Like rain, which always gives life. Rain – the absence or presence of which is the difference between life and death for many people.

Like a heart, the absence of which will surely mean death.

In other words, may you exude life from within and without.

Especially True Love (Musings of a Hopeless Romantic)


[This is a remix of something I wrote this two years ago. but these are still my current sentiments.]

THIS is why I love books.

I cannot remember the last time I was so hung over a book and movie (rather, books and movies).

Well, there’s The Hunger Games. I just love the Hunger Games. And then the last book was probably Harry Potter, and before that, Chronicles of Narnia. The movie adaptations of the previously mentioned books helped, of course.

Harry Potter, for all its issues about sorcery and whatnots still is, I believe, one of the best written books (I wonder, if only Christian authors at present would produce good literature, then attention to the HP series would probably be lessened. But that’s another story to be dealt with at another time). And C.S. Lewis’ masterpiece will always be on my lists of favorites.

But I have never loved, nor dreamed about, nor fantasized about them the way I do Lord of the Rings.

I read the LOTR books back in high school, all borrowed of course, but back then, despite my already existing appreciation of fantastic things, I had not fully appreciated (nor understood) the concepts of triumph, loss, heroism, grief, fear, hatred, and love.

Highly romantic, as you may observe.

But then again, I am a highly romantic person.

Hopelessly romantic even, if you will.

Then I think, why do I have a love for such fantastic, romantic, medieval things?

Well, because, being the person that I am, I am constantly grieved by the pessimism and indifference people have regarding valor, and heroism. Even love. Most especially true love. No wonder I look for it in books. As for my fascination with medieval things — I refuse to call it retrogression. I like progress, and do not deny that change is inevitable. But I keep a place in my heart for things of the past.

Ah, well. They say ’tis mere idealism, brought about by my youth, which brings me to say such things. They say that with the passing of time, all this will fade. If such is the case, then I wish to never grow old!

Aging, however, is an inevitable future. So what must I do? I can only hope that the passing of time will, on my behalf, hone my beliefs and values and not change them (for who knows what the future holds?).

And I can, and will, prove to the world that despite the chaos, ugliness, hatred, loss, and strife, despite the existence of all things that bring us to tears, honor, triumph, valor, and true love still exists.

Especially true love.